Bowling Green Dental Specialists

Bowling Green Dentists

Are you looking for a dental clinic located near Bowling Green, Manhattan that offers the comfortable environment of a professional doctor’s office, but also the convenience of several dental specialists, including an endodontist, periodontist, oral surgeon, and orthodontist, in one office? Then come to Dental Specialty Associates in Manhattan where we offer comprehensive one-stop care for all your dental needs. From trained pedodontists to adult and teenage orthodontics to root canal specialists, we cater to all ages of patients. Our Bowling Green dental specialists take pride in the quality of their dental work, which is exemplified through the countless satisfied families we treat each day.

At Dental Specialty Associates in Manhattan, we love helping our patients achieve their desired smile. As the premier dental clinic in Bowling Green, we understand the insecurity that stems from having a misaligned teeth or the discomfort that stems from having an infected tooth. With the countless specialty services we offer, there’s no reason to live with your current smile. Whether you want to straighten your teeth, battle gum disease, or remove partially erupted wisdom teeth, the dental specialists at Dental Specialty Associates in Manhattan are here to assist you. Because we make use of the latest dental technology and equipment, Bowling Green dental specialists can accommodate almost all of your smile needs without having to refer you to outside offices.

We are committed to providing our patients with prompt medical attention if they are experiencing a dental emergency. We understand that most toothaches and oral pain can’t wait until the weekend is over. This is why we offer appointments six days a week with extended hours on Saturday for family appointments.

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