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Sinus lifts in City Hall

City Hall dental surgery
City Hall dental surgery

Getting dental implants requires that you have solid bone structure that can support and dependably hold the titanium post that is surgically placed, and which acts as a root. For bottom teeth, this means your jaw. And for upper teeth, it means your sinus wall. If your sinus bone is not sufficient to qualify you for an implant, then take advantage of our sinus lifts.

Our City Hall dental surgery involves taking bone tissue from another part of your body and transplanting it into your sinus wall. This will spur the growth of new and stronger bone tissue around it. The entire process takes several months from the time of the procedure. At that point, you will be able to get your implant thanks to our City Hall dental surgery. You may be wondering if it’s worth it to spend the time and money just to get a replacement for a lost tooth. After all, you could get your full smile back with a bridge. But a bridge and an implant are most certainly not the same. Bridges lay on the surface of your gums, while an implant is securely anchored beneath the gum line. A bridge requires the loss of material from the two surrounding teeth, but your other teeth remain unaffected with an implant. And an implant can last for life with proper care. It looks, feels, and even performs like a real tooth does. So the answer is that yes, it is worth the effort to get a sinus lift in order to become a good candidate for a dental implant.

Why not contact our office and set up an appointment. Come in for testing and see if you should get our City Hill dental surgery. It’s often the first, essential step toward getting the tooth replacement that you want.

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