Downtown Manhattan Dental Sealants

Dental sealants in Downtown Manhattan

Downtown Manhattan dental sealants

Downtown Manhattan dental sealants

If you are looking for a dental practice that provides complete dental care, you should visit us at Dental Specialty Associates. At our office, patients are able to receive Downtown Manhattan dental sealants to help keep their teeth cavity-free.

Downtown Manhattan dental sealants are generally used on the flat chewing surfaces of a child’s back molars. The dental sealants are actually painted onto the child’s tooth and will help the teeth to avoid dental decay. The way that dental sealants are applied is that the teeth are first thoroughly cleaned and dried. The dental sealant material is then painted on to the clean teeth and allowed to dry. The dental sealant will fill in all grooves and pits that are very commonly found on children’s teeth. This will make it much more difficult for any plaque to try to adhere to the tooth. The dental sealant will also act like a barrier between the teeth and any harmful substances that may try to adhere to the teeth and cause tooth decay. Dental sealants are generally used to protect a child’s pre-molars and molars. The dental sealants will last for many years, once applied. Dental sealants are just one example of preventive tooth treatments that are available at our dental practice. Fluoride treatments are also extremely successful in helping to strengthen the natural enamel of the tooth. Fluoride treatments can be given to both children and adults, and will help to prevent cavities. Of course, to help make sure that your teeth and gums remain healthy, you will want to come to our dental practice for periodic dental exams and teeth cleanings. Another key to making sure that your teeth and gums stay healthy is to always have a great at-home teeth cleaning regiment that consists of proper tooth brushing and flossing.

For an appointment to see one of our expert dentists at our Dental Specialty Associates group for Downtown Manhattan dental sealants, or other dental care, simply contact us today.

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