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Are you suffering from a level of oral pain which is so severe it often wakes you up in the night? Any amount of oral pain is a sign of trouble coming from your mouth, and severe levels of this pain need to be resolved by your local Downtown Manhattan endodontist as soon as possible. These high levels of pain are often the first symptoms of dental abscess, a severe oral health problem which can cause complete loss of the tooth without proper care. Fortunately, ailing smiles can always find the advanced level of care patients need with root canal therapy from the state of the art offices of the Dental Specialty Associates.

Endodontics Office Downtown Manhattan

Endodontics Office Downtown Manhattan

Dental abscess, also known as an abscessed tooth, occurs more often than many of us realize. An abscessed tooth can happen any time the enamel of the tooth becomes weakened or injured. While a physical trauma can cause an abscessed tooth as a result, dental abscess can also occur simply from small chips or cracks in the teeth due to wear, as well as tooth decay which has been allowed to exist inside the mouth without proper care. When the dentin becomes weakened, this creates a chink in the armor of your tooth that allows for the bacteria which exists naturally in your mouth to turn against you, spreading infection deep inside the tooth.

The root canal of the tooth contains the pulp and nerve endings which are highly sensitive to any level of pain, and as such infections of the root canal from an abscessed tooth can cause high levels of pain. Symptoms of dental abscess include bad breath, a permanent bad taste in the mouth, a darkened region at the sight of pain, red and swollen gums, a pimple or bump on the gum lines at the sight of pain, as well as pain that flares up upon chewing with this area of the mouth and an increased sensitivity to temperatures that persists long after the source is gone. The first step to putting an end to dental abscess is with a course of root canal therapy from your professional Downtown Manhattan endodontist. This procedure works to target the source of the problem by removing the infected matter and sealing off the site with a filling or crown to stop the pain from ever coming back.

For the very best in treatment for dental abscess, be sure to visit the experts at your local Downtown Manhattan endodontist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the Dental Specialty Associates proudly provide our patients with state of the art care for the unique needs of periodontics and endodontics. With the help of the Dental Specialty Associates, you can find the care you need to be rid of your abscessed tooth for good.

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