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There are several reasons why bone grafting surgery would need to be performed and our Downtown NYC dental implant surgeon thoroughly explains the process and necessity to all our patients. Periodontal disease, badly fitting removable dentures, or mouth trauma may cause damage, and bone grafting is done to reverse bone loss. It is also performed to extend the bone to allow dental implants to be placed properly. In some cases, the bone in your sinus area needs to be enhanced to improve the fit and comfort of a removable prosthesis. In the case of a lost tooth, as in an extraction, your surrounding bone collapses, and bone grafting can be used to preserve this bone for future implant placement or, simply look better.

Downtown Manhattan Missing Teeth

Downtown Manhattan Missing Teeth

Essentially, our Downtown NYC dental implant surgeon uses bone grafting to replace or restore missing bone around your teeth. This is sometimes necessary before dental implant surgery so that implants will attach securely. The grafted area becomes stronger as it creates a bridge between your own bone and the grafted material. In addition to replacing missing bone, it aids your body to renew existing bone. As time goes on, your renewed natural bone will actually replace the majority of the grafted material. Bone grafting helps to implants to be placed appropriately so they feel and look their best. There is sometimes more space needed in order to place implants of the appropriate size so they fit more securely and function as well as they should.

Our Downtown NYC dental implant surgeon uses three types of bone grafts. Autogenous is bone taken from one area of the patient and has the most certain results. Allograft is a synthetic bone or bone taken from a bone bank (cadaver bone) and xenograft is when cow bone is used. Autogenous bone is known to be the best type of bone to be used because it is live bone with live active cellular components which will enhance bone growth. Our well-educated and experienced staff at Dental Specialty Associates will go over all options with you so, together, you can choose the best treatment for your specific needs.

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