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Toothaches and problems can be extremely troublesome as well as painful. Here at Dental Specialty Associates, our dedicated staff is here to provide the downtown NYC area with top quality endodontic care. Some of our common endodontic services include root canal treatment as well as treatment for tooth aches and pains. These conditions can cause severe damage and pain if left untreated, but our downtown NYC endodontist at Dental Specialty Associates are here to help.

10007 Endodontic Treatment
10007 Endodontic Treatment

If you are experiencing any consistent tooth aches or pain, then schedule an appointment with one of our downtown NYC endodontists immediately. Diagnosing the problem is the first step to proper and effective treatment. Dr. Cho or Dr. Foroughi will see you for a preliminary examination in order to assess your overall oral health and to identify the cause of your active symptoms. Using the latest technology here at Dental Specialty Associates, our endodontists will be able to give you precise information and feedback regarding your condition and what steps need to be taken to rectify it. One of the more common endodontic treatments is for root canals. When the nerve of the tooth is affected by infection or decay, then endodontic treatment is necessary. The infected pulp of the tooth is removed using the latest rotary canal technology. Our use of such tools helps ensure the success rate of the procedure while also making the experience more comfortable for the patient. Once the infected pulp is removed, the area is cleaned and filled to prevent further infection or further decay. We also treat patients who exhibit tooth aches.

There are any number of causes for tooth aches and pains, and using the state of the art technology here at Dental Specialty Associates, our downtown NYC endodontists can better determine the cause and prescribe treatment. Tooth aches can result from dental cavities, dental abscess, an exposed tooth root, gum disease, spasms of the jaw muscles, disease of the jaw joint, or even a cracked or broken tooth. Additionally, severe tooth luxation injuries can also be treated here. This occurs when the tooth is displaced via injury from the alveolar bone, which is the bone that contains the tooth sockets.

Salvaging the tooth is always our goal here at Dental Specialty Associates and we are here to provide you with expert and gentle care needed to resolve any of your tooth pain.

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