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Teeth whitening in Financial District

Teeth whitening is something you see advertised nearly everywhere these days. There are print ads, radio and TV commercials, etc. It may seem confusing to determine which is the best suited to your needs, which is why we here at Dental Specialty Associates are pleased to make you aware of the procedure offered by our office and the benefits that it makes available to you.

The basic process is that bleaching solution is applied to your teeth and that solution then begins to break down the stains on your teeth, leaving only the natural whiteness of your smile to shine through. Those stains can come from various sources, but most typically it is the habits you engage in that result in your teeth losing their usual brilliance. Coffee and tea are morning starters for millions, but they aren’t good for you tooth color. Neither are red wine and cola. Berries, curry, soy sauce, and many type of hard candy are among the foods that lead you to needing teeth whitening at our Financial District dental office. However, when it comes to things that are culprits in teeth staining, nothing is as damaging as tobacco. Smoking it, of course, is problematic, but it’s also an issue when you vape. Where your teeth are concerned, there is no difference. If you’ve been tempted to just buy one of the items on the shelves of your local drug store or supermarket instead of coming to our Financial District dental office, there are two points you need to know. First, those over-the-counter whitening products do not usually offer the type of results that most people want. They may be good for maintenance, though. The second thing to know is that you have to be careful, because if they contain abrasive ingredients, your tooth enamel can suffer the consequences.

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