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NYC orthodontist

Interceptive orthodontics is a method that utilizes braces for kids who are younger than the typical age that such treatments are usually thought to be needed. Our NYC orthodontist wants your child to get a head start on straighter and healthier teeth, and can actively guide the development of his or her teeth and jaws. This generally results in a greatly reduced need for orthodontic work in the teen years. Here at Dental Specialty Associates, we are committed to the most efficient and effective ways to promote dental, periodontal, and orthodontic well-being.

Our NYC orthodontist can detect indications that your child can benefit from interceptive orthodontics. Signs include tooth crowding, improper spacing between teeth, protruding teeth, and improper jaw growth. These are situations that tend to grow more severe over the course of time. If your child doesn’t get an orthodontic evaluation until the age of 12 to 14, she or he will likely be looking at potentially years of treatment. That’s why we suggest not waiting. Your child may be ready as early as age 7. Getting out ahead of potential problems can save time as well as expense later on. And when you consider that the teen years are often the most awkward in terms of how your child feels about his or her appearance, any time that can be saved wearing braces or a retainer is probably most welcome.

The nature of this type of treatment includes saving room for teeth that have yet to grow in and guiding her or his jaw growth to support a well-aligned occlusion (bite). Look for symptoms such as teeth growing in crooked, breathing through the mouth, chewing problems, finger or thumb sucking, teeth crowding, misplaced teeth, and either baby teeth falling out too soon or staying in too long. Among the others are jaws and teeth being out of proportion with the rest of the face, shifting jaws, and sounds made when the jaws move. Schedule an appointment with our NYC orthodontist if you notice any of the above. By starting out now, you can make things easier on your child and on you as well.

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