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Are you suffering from the damages of gum disease inside your smile? Often times this destructive illness can progress inside our smiles without us even realizing it, causing no pain and working at such a gradual rate that it can seem as if nothing is wrong one moment before the damage becomes one which threatens the longevity for our teeth and even the health of the jaw bone lying beneath it. Fortunately, when routine care fails to keep gum disease in check, patients can always count on the advanced care treatment options of their local NYC periodontal specialist at the state of the art offices of the Dental Specialty Associates.

Periodontitis Treatment 10007

Periodontitis Treatment 10007

Periodontitis is the later stages of gum disease which begin to cause harm to your smile. This process begins when heightened levels of bacteria turn against you to wear away at your gum lines, causing the edge of your gums where they meet the surface of the teeth to gradually recede. Eventually this recession turns from gradual and cosmetic to deep and harmful to the health of your teeth as the space grows to a gap between the teeth and the gum lines. When this happens, the gap will continue to grow to make teeth loose and cause them to become lost to the ravages of this painless yet highly destructive oral illness. While root planing and scaling can often stop periodontitis form proceeding in its early stages, for some the gap is simply too great to treat through cleaning alone. In these cases patients will need to visit their professional NYC periodontal specialist for pocket reduction surgery. This treatment works to physically repair the gum lines by actually working to reattach them. The procedure begins by cleaning the spaces which require care gently yet effectively to remove the plaque and tartar that work to breed disease spreading bacteria in these pockets around each tooth where brushing and flossing simply cannot reach. Once the spaces are completely free of bacteria, plaque, and calculus your oral surgeon will work to close the gaps created around the teeth by gently under local sedation working to maneuver the gum line back to their original position, and securing them into place with a small suture that will work to stop these gaps from growing any further.

Periodontitis will only grow worse without professional care, and as such patients should not hesitate to visit their neighborhood NYC periodontal specialist for the care their mouths need. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of the Dental Specialty Associates are experienced periodontal experts necessary to perform the best in gum disease treatments. With pocket reduction surgery from the Dental Specialty Associates you can stop gum disease from causing dental loss to your smile.

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