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Are you concerned about the advanced level of care your smile may need in order to become fully healthy once again? Oral surgery can be an unnerving topic of health care for anyone, regardless of whether or not you have dental anxiety. Fortunately, the latest advances in dental technology have made oral surgery more gentle and effective than ever before. They key to a complication free treatment lies in seeing a specialist who is experienced in the advanced methods of this unique method of care. Fortunately, you can find the help your smile needs with the experts at your local oral surgeon in downtown Manhattan at the esteemed offices of the Dental Specialty Associates.

While dental extractions are not a method of practice which is often deemed necessary, they are often required in order to treat wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are rear-facing molars which often grow into place between the ages of 18 and a patient’s mid-twenties. While additional teeth may sound benign, wisdom teeth often cause more trouble then they’re worth. Nine out of ten patients require a wisdom tooth extraction in order to prevent impacted teeth or remove an abscessed tooth. Your trusted oral surgeon in downtown Manhattan can perform extractions of both wisdom teeth as well as cysts under your appropriate level of anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout your procedure.

For patients suffering from missing teeth, dental implants are the number one choice of smile restoration. However, not every smile is ready for this method of care. Fortunately, if your jaw bone has been deemed too thin or inadequate, your professional oral surgeon in downtown Manhattan can provide the advanced level of care your smile needs with bone grafts and sinus lifts. A bone graft can be taken from another region of your body to insure immediate acceptance and faster healing time, while a sinus lift is used specifically for implants in the upper jaw. The roof of your jaw makes up the floor of the sinus cavity, and as such often needs additional care. A sinus lift allows your doctor to insure a bone graft directly to the region of your missing tooth in order to heal your jaw. With these options, more patients are able to receive dental implants than ever before.

For the very best in implants and extractions, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood oral surgeon in downtown Manhattan with the state of the art practice of the Dental Specialty Associates. Our fully licensed and professionally trained proudly serve your local community with the latest advancements in dental technology and procedure to care for patients of all ages and levels of need. With the help of the Dental Specialty Associates, you can find the advanced care you need for a beautiful and healthy smile.

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